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We change our polish color from time to time, and this is especially true for our kids, who are tend to be bored more quickly and prefer to change their look more frequent than us, even if it just on a whim. Another problem is that the products you have at home might not be suitable for kids. So make an appointment and take advantage of our service for the best color and benefits for your kids.

For kids, our service is sure to be fun and relaxing. With our skill and experience, we can make the occasion to be very much enjoyable for your kids. What’s more is that we always have no ends of color to choose from. So just relax and let just handle your kids.

The nail color change for kids process will generally take 4 steps:

Step 1: Remove any nail polish and perform sanitation

Step 2: If it’s necessary, the nail will be trimmed to size

Step 3: Perform nail buffing to help with polish cohesion

Step 4: New nail color is applied

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