40 minutes
Overlays skip the extension step, and instead of adding artificial length onto the nails, the mixture is simply applied directly onto the natural nails in order to add strength and durability. Overlays will provide an extra layer of protection that may make the nails less prone to breakages and splits. Overlays are particularly good for either individuals who have trouble growing out their natural nails, or for nail biters who have short and brittle nails as a result of their habit.

Overlay (w. Color Gel $11 extra) (w. Gel French $13 extra)

A delicate process that provide extra protection to the nails. This process is mostly to apply different layers of acrylic onto your nails. The result offer more strength and durability to your nails, especially if you nails are naturally weak or brittle.

Step 1: Prepare your nail bed by filling off the shine and any uneven surfaces that may appear on the nail bed. Dust nails and hands off completely. Fill liquid dampen dish with liquid monomer or liquid acrylic

Step 2: Dip brush into liquid acrylic. Slowly dip the brush into the powder acrylic and allow brush to absorb all powder

Step 3: Lay acrylic onto nail bed starting close to cuticle area, shape the acrylic by press, swiping patting the brush over the acrylic that you are molding. You want to complete this process fairly quickly. You can also re-dip the brush to help moving any acrylic that is hardening. Repeat this process until the nails is completed

Step 4: Drill or file the nail bed until there is no lumps or uneven surface. Shape the nails as desired

Step 5: Buff the nail with your buffer until the nail is shiny and has no ridges or bumps

Step 6: Use cuticle oil over cuticles and wash hands. Polish and done!

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